Taking birth control pills for 9 years and then suddenly stopping will indeed ruin your perfectly scheduled cycle...it will also make you reach for your purse at 2pm everyday for several weeks for absolutely no reason. Not having to take that little pill daily is a very odd habit to break. Luckily, my discovery of charting and temping to pinpoint ovulation time saved the day! Check out my chart for the cycle we conceived!
  Well, actually I took three. You HAVE to make sure the first two weren't lying! Confirmation is a must before waking up your soundly sleeping husband to share the exciting news!
  He'll forgive you for disturbing his sleep once he hears the good news, right?? Of course! "Wayne..." Nudge nudge. "Wayne, wake up." "Huh?" "Do you see a line?" Rubbing his eyes, "What?" "Do you see a line...I took a pregnancy test and I think I see a line." "Oh...um, yes! I do see a line!" "Are you SURE?" "Yes, you're pregnant!" Hug...Kiss...You're having a baby!!!!!

This was really nerve racking for me. I knew my parents would be ecstatic about becoming grandparents, no doubt about it! But what I think made me nervous was that by telling them, it made my pregnancy real for me.

  How we told them - Wayne and I headed to the store, picked up two little stuffed gorillas, two plain white bibs and some red puff paint from the craft department. We wrote on one bib "Grandparents 2 Be Nov. 2003" and tied it on a gorilla and drove over to my parents' house. I told my sister the news first. She was so excited! Then we handed my parents the gift bag. They looked confused when they pulled the gorilla out, but as they read the bib they got pretty darn happy! Want to see just how excited they were?
  How we told Wayne's parents - We took the other gorilla and tied our second bib to him which read: "Baby Cochran due on Nov '03!" We were so anxious when we were making the bibs that we meant to put "in" Nov '03 instead of "on" Nov '03. We met them at a local italian restaraunt for dinner. After we ordered, we handed them a gift bag with the second gorilla inside. His mom opened the bag and read the bib. They were both extremely excited! Check out the gorilla we gave them...
  As soon as the appointment is set for the first ultrasound the day can't get here soon enough. You're so anxious to see for yourself that there really is a tiny little baby growing in there! By the way, sitting in the waiting room while you're anxiously listening for your name to be called seems like eternity when you have a full bladder thanks to the 32 oz of water they make you drink an hour before your appointment!
  Ultrasound #1, 9 weeks 1 day pregnant ~ Heart Rate: 178 bpm
  Ultrasound #2, 19 weeks 5 days pregnant ~ Heart Rate: 148 bpm
  Ultrasound #3, 31 weeks 2 days pregnany ~ 4D imaging
  It's funny how in the beginning all you want is to grow a big belly. Every time you pass by a mirror you have to take a peep and see if that bump has progressed to a pooch. Then that pooch eventually turns in to a mountain and everyone asks if you're due any day now and you sigh and say "nope...2 more months to go." Just when you think you can't get any bigger that belly manages to stretch some more!
  Where would we be without all the gifts we received from our family and friends? Kaili would be pretty bored these days without all the cool toys she got before she was even born, thats for sure! And she really does look adorable when she's playing, thanks to the many outfits people bought her! A special thanks to everyone for the wonderful presents!
  Baby shower @ our house 09.27.03
  Baby shower @ my parent's house 09.28.03
  The short story...I was in labor for 12 hours, most of which I was happily under the influence of the wonderful epidural, my best friend...while it lasted anyway. Then the evil midwife turned it off without my knowledge or consent (so I could *push more effectively*). I pushed for 2 hours...Kaili got stuck in the pelvic area and I ended up getting a C-section. The end result? A beautiful baby girl weighing 8 lbs 12 oz and measuring 20.5 inches long born Tuesday Nov 11th @ 2:56pm! Want the full birth story with much more detail?
  Click here for Kaili's Birth Story
  Labor ~ 11.10.03 - 11.11.03
  Kaili's Arrival ~ 11.11.03
  At the hospital ~ 11.11.03-11.13.03