I went in for an appt Monday morning (11/10) and was 1 1/2 cm dilated, 70% effaced. I had cramps all day. That night around 9pm we started timing them for fun - Everybody Loves Raymond was on TV. The cramps were less than 5 minutes apart!! Since I had felt like I was leaking fluid all day we went to the hospital at 10:30pm and were told I was in early labor! When they took me to the triage room I was so scared of what was to come. In triage I was already up to 3 cm so the doctor on call had me walk around the hospital for 2 hours. That made me progress to approximately 4-5 cm and they were able to admit me into my labor/delivery room. The room was nice and big. Wood floors. TV. Jacuzzi tub in the bathroom! The nurse told me to go ahead and get in the tub to see if it helped any with my contractions. It did, at first, but within an hour the water jets were as annoying as the contractions so I got out, dried off and started asking for an epidural. The anesthesiologist showed up. He had me sit up in the bed with my legs hanging over the side & leaning forward on a pillow so that my back arched out to him. He told me to hold still, but I could feel so much pressure where he was pushing the needle into me that it was really hard not to try to pull away from the pain. But it was quick and soon after I felt great! No more pain waste down!! I think it was about 11:30am the next day when I was complete and the midwife on call from the practice was coming to deliver our baby. They asked if I wanted an actual doctor from the practice to be called instead and I said the midwife was fine because I already had my epidural, felt great and didnt care WHO delivered Kaili, I just wanted to meet my baby girl! I ended up pushing for 2 hours and they could see the top of her head but she was facing up. As I was pushing the midwife tried to turn her face down, but Kaili got stuck turned halfway during the process, even though I was pushing like crazy. All of a sudden I started to feel EVERYTHING. I thought I was seriously going to die. It hurt so bad. I wanted to crawl out of my body. Wayne & I kept asking her if my epidural had run out and she said "No, its on, you just feel pressure." I'm telling you it was NOT pressure. She had me pushing from all sorts of positions and we even did the birthing rope thingy with a towel, which is how I think I hurt my back. Anyway, we found out that the midwife DID turn off my epidural without my permission. She left the room when we started freaking out. The doctor that was on call at this point was there doing a c-section on another patient so they called him in to get his opinion and I told him I was hurting and to please get the baby out. Confused, he asked how I was feeling anything when I had an epidural in and I saw the midwife (who had returned) mouth to him "I turned off her epidural." I was so pissed. He asked what I wanted to do and I told him I was ready for a c-section and he totally agreed after having me push for him. He said "you'll have your baby within 30 minutes" and he left to go get ready for the surgery. Well, the evil midwife left again, so did the nurse. I was alone with Wayne, my mom and my mother in law for almost FORTY FIVE minutes with NO drugs and her head stuck there inside me. I was TOTALLY freaking out and I cant even begin to describe how badly it hurt. Finally, the anesthesiologist showed up and couldn't numb me enough through the epidural so they took me to the OR and removed the epidural & did a spinal instead. I felt so out of it. They let Wayne come in and videotape while Kaili was born. We both shed tears of joy. It was a wonderful moment to hear her cry out. So I had a really bad time and I'm so glad I can go straight for a c-section with our next one. If I knew I had to go through labor like that again I dont know if I would have another baby (and here I always thought I had a high tolerance for pain! Not!) Wayne reported the midwife issue to the head of the labor & delivery floor. He was really upset to see me in such pain and he was really pissed that the midwife lied to him when he asked her if my epidural was on. He said after she said yes and left the room, he looked and all the lights were off on the machine. He's been so wonderful with Kaili. When I couldn't get out of bed easily due to the surgery he took over and fed her and changed her for me. Kaili was so very alert and active right away. The pediatrician that came to ok Kaili's discharge from the hospital that Friday said she was acting like a 2-3 week old instead of a newborn!! That's my girl!
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