Getting pregnant this time was much easier than when we were trying for Kaili. My cycles regulated themselves after giving birth to her and I was back on track with the normal 28-30 days. We charted this time and used the Shettles Method with timing in hopes of conceiving a boy. But personally, I'll be just as thrilled to have another little girl around!! ;)
  This time I took two tests instead of three. I tried out the newer Clear Blue Easy Digital tests and was pretty thrilled to see "pregnant" pop right up on that screen! The second test was a cheapie from Wal-mart that I took a day later. The plus sign wasn't super dark, but I can't expect much from a $4 test.
  Once again, Wayne was sleeping when I took my test early in the morning. I ran in there with the digital test and woke him up! He was excited like last time! Kind of confused since I woke him up. But he knew that I'd be testing and that bold "pregnant" was much easier for a guy to read than "one line, two lines, what does that mean?" :)

We found out we were having another baby the week of Kaili's 2nd birthday party. On Friday, November 10th, we had a family get together to celebrate her turning 2. Since we knew both sides of our family would all be together at the same place we decided to make a shirt for her to wear that said, "Im going to be a BIG SISTER in July 2006!" as a way to tell them all at once. Her final gift, Wayne helped her open the box w/ the shirt. He turned her back to everyone and put the t-shirt on and then turned her back around for all to see! Everybody seemed SO happy and excited!!


So far this pregnancy we've seen the baby 5 times (as of 03.06.06)!

To see the full images, just click on one of the thumbnails below...

  Ultrasound #1, 6 weeks 6 days ~ Heart Rate: 139 bpm
  Ultrasound #2, 7 weeks 2 days~ Heart Rate: 154 bpm
  Ultrasound #2 in 4-D (7 weeks 2 days)
  Ultrasound #3, 11 weeks 2 days ~ Heart Rate: 167 bpm
  Ultrasound #4 in 4D, 15 weeks 2 days ~ Heart Rate: 159 bpm
  Ultrasound #4 in 4D (15 weeks 2 days)
  Ultrasound #4, tech prediction: its a girl (15 weeks 2 days)
  Ultrasound #5, 20 weeks 2 days ~ Heart Rate: 159 bpm
  Ultrasound #5 in 4D (20 weeks 2 days)
  Ultrasound #5, It's official! We're having another baby GIRL!!
  I've always heard that with the second pregnancy you start showing much sooner. I'm definitely seeing this first hand now! I haven't remembered to take any belly pics so far, but I'll try to get one in before the first trimester is over!
  We don't plan on having an official baby shower for this pregnancy. But I'm pretty sure there will be a BBQ celebration at some point!! ;) You know us - any reason for a get together! Check back later for details!
  The good news? No labor and pushing this time around. Atleast I hope not! I already know that I'll be going straight for a c-section! I'm actually relieved. My whole birth experience with Kaili was absolutely exhausting. I'm hoping with a planned surgery it will be a much smoother ride for all of us!
  Check back in July 2006 (eek!) for the birth story and pictures!!