Busy Weekend!
  Tuesday, 23 October 2007
Alana @ the fair! Crooked picture, but isnt she cute? :)
Kaili with Drew & Ryan on a ride
Kaili & Drew
Kaili & Lily
The girls had to get matching butterflies!
Kaili & Lily on a ride
Wayne & Kaili and Bob & Lily on the carousel
We had a bunch of tickets leftover from Saturday night so we took the girls back to the fair on Sunday after Kaili's soccer game!
Kaili & Wayne on the carousel!
Eating a burger while she watches Kaili on a ride haha!
I said "Alana, show mommy your pretty toes! " :)
  Shuttle launch this morning...
Zoomed out view from our driveway

Oh! The update on our house from the hail storm - we're still doing repairs, but the new roof is up. Click here if you'd like to see pictures.

Hopefully by the end of the year everything we hope for will be completed! ;)

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