The Zoo!!!
  Monday, 01 October 2007

First off ~ I can't make an entry on October 1st without wishing my brother a Happy Birthday! Today he turned 26! He's catching up to me! ;) Happy Birthday Beavis! I love ya!

Now for zoo pics! ;) Wayne & I took the girls to the Central Florida Zoo on Sunday. My sister, Elizabeth, joined us as well. The weather has been SO nice lately! Breezy and mid-80s! Finally we are getting a tiny piece of some fall-like weather down here! ;)
Wayne & Alana
Kaili's first time feeding a baby zebu... They have really long tongues, which startled her!
Mama Zebu!
Feeding some goats...
Elizabeth feeding one of the bigger goats... He stood up on the fence to grab her food!
The girls & me!
Sisters! :)
I LOVED these wax machines when I was little. I cant believe they STILL have them... Kaili made a parrot. I wouldnt be surprised to learn these are the same exact machines from the 80's when Jon & I were kids! I just think that's so cool. ;)
Bless her heart, she's been fighting off a cold and she still tried to give Mommy a smile! :)
Kaili was really reading the map when I took this picture. She said "Now where are the monkeys at?" and pulled out the little zoo map and tried to tell us where to go! ;) She's getting so big!
Fascinated by the elephants...
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