Hailstorm pictures...
  Wednesday, 13 June 2007
Pics from the recent hailstorm that hit our area. Pretty scary to listen to if you ask me! I've never seen hail as big as what was falling into our pool. It was dark and windy and the sound of the hail pounding on the roof and windows had the girls pretty freaked out (and me too!) Oh and by some miracle my truck didnt get a dent in it. I dont know how it didnt get dented. Wayne says it's because it's built "Ford tough!" ;)
You can see stuff coming down to the right of the picture...
Our goofy kid.... checking out the hail
Flooded back porch...
Saturday ~ New Smyrna Beach
Lunch w/ a coworker visiting from out of state...
On the drive over, watching Ariel in the truck w/ her headphones on!
Sunday ~ Boating
Kaili & Drew
Fussy Alana & Ryan (it was SO hot out that day!)
Hontoon Park ~ Alana happily trying Kaili's popsicle!
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