Kaili Ballet ~ Christmas Dances
  Monday, 17 December 2008
Kaili's ballet class did a dance to Rudolph and one to a song from the Nutcracker. They didnt do a formal performance. They just had on their regular ballet outfits and families were invited to come into the dance studio to watch them. Wayne, Ema and Epa also joined us that afternoon. Kaili was really happy to have family there to watch her! :) She did a great job!
The girls doing a dance to Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer
The girls lining up for jumps - Kaili is in the back on the right
Nutcracker Dance
Kaili is the tallest in the class and she was paired up with the shortest girl in class. haha! She told me after the dance that it was really hard for her to balance with her partner and that she can do it much better using the bar! ;)
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