Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Kaili's pre-K class has a turtle named Franklin. Each week a child gets to take Franklin home to spend the weekend with their family. This past weekend Franklin got to come spend time with us! Kaili was VERY excited. At the end of the weekend the child has to write in Franklin's journal about his adventures and you can also include photos. Here is what Kaili & Franklin did together over the weekend...

Dinner at Tijuana Flats! One of Kaili's favorite places to eat! :)
After dinner we headed to Home Depot to get paint for the baby room!
The next day we took Franklin to the Maitland Farmer's Market. Wayne bought little wooden airplanes for the girls to throw around in the field behind Ema & Epa's Too2Bamboo booth!
Kaili & Alana with Franklin (and Mickey!) at the Farmer's Market
After the Farmer's Market we took Kaili to Toys R Us. PopPop gave Kaili cash for her birthday so she was really excited to pick out her own toy with her birthday money She picked Elefun - a game she has been asking for since she first saw the commercial last month.
Outfit your little crew today!