Baby Wayne (III)
  Monday, 10 November 2008

Hi everyone! Wayne & I went and had a 3D/4D ultrasound of the baby today! He's definitely a boy! And we got to see some amazing footage of him! They put a full 15 minute video on DVD for us, along with 67 still shots on a CD. Below are our favorite 10 pictures! He did open his eyes during the ultrasound, but all of the pictures we have are when his eyes were closed. Even though we've had the 4D done with the girls I'm STILL amazed at this technology! :) Enjoy!

He kept putting his foot up by his face! hee hee!
Another foot shot blocking his face. Look at the little pinky toe curling, aw!
The baby making a fist
His right foot and ankle
This one is funny. I think he was getting mad about the ultrasound - he kept scrunching up his eyebrowns like he was mad!
One of my favorite moments of the ultrasound - he kept sucking on his bottom lip and it was so cute!
Another super cute moment... we got to see him pouting!!!! Check out that bottom lip!
Then he would open and close his mouth and stick out his tongue!! The guy doing the ultrasound tried to catch a still shot of the baby in action!
Outfit your little crew today!