Tuesday, 04 November 2008

Actually, today is Election Day! So I hope everyone went out and voted today!

We have been really busy trying to get things around the house done in time for the baby's arrival. Im 31 weeks - exactly 8 more weeks from today is the scheduled delivery! Here are some pictures from Halloween. The girls wanted to be witches. There are also a few pumpkin carving pictures. :) We went to the local pumpkin patch but once we were there I realized BOTH of my digital cameras had NO battery power left. AGH! Luckily Wayne had a disposable camera that we used for some pictures. I have to wait to pick those up from the photo center before sharing (old school!) haha!

Alana scraping out her pumpkin!
Alana being silly and Kaili playing with "pumpkin guts"
Alana wanted a pirate pumpkin and Kaili wanted a happy, smiling pumpkin!
On Halloween, we first went over to Crane's Roost. Here are the girls dressed up in our front yard before we headed out!
The girls and me at Crane's Roost. Like my "cheeeese" pregnant squat pose? haha!
When we were leaving Crane's Roost it started to rain a little bit. Once we got home Alana was pretty tired from all of the walking around. Wayne kept her home with him to hand out candy and I took Kaili around our little street to visit some of the neighbors. When we got back to the house Kaili said she wanted to "trick" her Daddy and ring the doorbell like she was another kid trick or treating at our house. Here she is ringing the doorbell...
And here she is cracking up at that Wayne thought she was another trick-or-treater!
Wayne & Alana at the door.
Outfit your little crew today!