Preschool is back in session (Alana's turn!!)
  Thursday, 04 September 2008

Alana is all better now so she was able to start her first day of preschool today! She did GREAT! Kaili & I dropped Alana off at her classroom. The teacher helped Alana unpack her backpack while I signed her in. Then I walked Alana over to the backpack bin and she put her backpack in all by herself. She told me goodbye, gave me a kiss and then went with the other teacher to wash her hands. I was so proud of her! She didnt fuss or cry at all! I knew she would so well with the transition!! I took Kaili to her PreK class and then stopped back by Alana's room on the way back to my truck. I peeked in her classroom window and she was sitting at a table w/ 3 other 2 yr olds. They were each playing with PlayDoh and Alana was smiling and talking. It was too cute! When I picked her up from class this afternoon her teacher said she had a great day!

Ready for preschool! Silly girl!
She's getting so big!
Elmo backpack (of course!)
Putting her backpack away at school
Her daily report card - she got to be the "Line Leader" today! :)
Outfit your little crew today!