New School Stuff...
  Monday, 25 August 2008

We took the girls shopping for some back-to-school things over the weekend. We hit the Sketchers Outlet Store and scored some great deals on new shoes for Kaili! And we found out she's a size 13 now! A 13?!?! The guy at the shoe store even said she could fit in a women's size 1 shoe in certain styles! My gosh! She's ONLY 4!!!
They announced over the speakers that the first 10 kids to the middle of the store could participate in their hula hoop contest. Kaili ran up there and only 3 kids were there. This older girl grabbed a hula hoop and kept going and going. Kaili tried really hard! The older girl won the contest and won a free pair of shoes. But one of the employees went up to Wayne and said Kaili could have a free pair too! ;) She picked out some really cute Sketcher Flip Flops! The other 2 pairs we picked out for herended up being on sale for only $9.95 (regularly $40.00!) Needless to say that was a succesful trip for shoes!!!

Kaili's new sneakers...
They also picked out their new lunchboxes for the school year. Originally Alana picked out an Ariel lunchbox (she LOVES Ariel). But as soon as Kaili picked out a Hello Kitty lunchbox Alana handed me her Ariel one and said "No Ariel. Kitty Kitty! Kitty Kitty!" So now the girls have matching lunchboxes! ;)
Outfit your little crew today!