We're having a BOY!!!!
  Monday, 18 August 2008

We had the 20 week ultrasound today! Can you believe I'm already half way through this pregnancy? WOW! We saw the baby and everything so far is looking great! The exciting news is that we are DEFINITELY having a boy! Wayne asked if the ultrasound RN was 100% sure and she said "I never say 100% but I will give you guys 99.999%! It's safe to go shopping for a boy!!"

Kaili is excited about having a little brother. When I asked her if she was surprised that the baby was a boy she said, "Nope! I told you it was a baby brother already, Mom! I already have a baby sister. I'm smart."

Alana doesnt really understand, but they gave each girl their own picture of the baby during the ultrasound and Alana walks around holding it and saying "baby picture" HA HA!

Baby's profile
Baby's profile - holding up his finger! (Wayne says he is rocking out, haha)
It's a BOY!! (looking up from underneath)
Baby's Spine (the baby is facing down)
Outfit your little crew today!