Happy 2nd Birthday Alana!!
  Thursday, 22 July 2008

Our little Alana is TWO now! WOW! We had a little birthday party for her with the theme of Mickey Mouse - since he is her favorite character lately!! We took her to Disney World the week of her birthday and she really loved that. Kaili did too! I will post pictures of that trip soon! On her actual birthday (a Monday) my parents and sister came over after work to have dinner with us. We served up tacos and burritos and beans and rice because Alana is a HUGE Mexican food fan! Funny, right? On Saturday we had family and some friends over for her Mickey party. Thank you to everyone who shared her special day with us and thank you to everyone for her gifts as well!

On her actual birthday ~ opening presents with help from her big sister! ;)
Cake! Actually my mom brought TWO cakes! I'm sure the Desabrais' will appreciate the green one...
Alana was climbing up onto a chair in the background and she had the silliest expression!
Pictures from her Mickey Mouse Party
Alana playing a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Memory game with Kaili, Drew and Ryan
Alana trying to make a match! (And wearing some Mickey Mouse ears!)
"It's my party and I'll *pout* if I want to!"
Opening gifts at her party (with help from Kaili again!)
Dont you love Kaili's expression??
Daddy, Mommy and the birthday girl (she was more interested in the cake than the camera!)
Drew, Alana & Kaili talking about the number "2"
I dont know who they are looking at, I just know it's never towards me and the camera, lol!
Alana, where's Mickey? She really liked her Mickey cake! A special thanks to my mom who made it just for Alana!!!! :)
Alana singing "Happy Birthday" along with everybody! hee hee!
Blowing out the candle with some help from her buddy Drew
The decorations! Thanks to my sister, Elizabeth, for making all the Mickey Mouse logos we put everywhere (and for painting stuff around the house for me last week!) *wink*
Alana very excited about her gifts that she opened from Chad & Angela the next day!
Outfit your little crew today!