Party of FIVE!
  Tuesday, 10 June 2008
Wayne & I are happy to officially announce we are having another baby. :) I am 10 weeks along as of today. This morning I had an ultrasound and the baby looks great so far! He or she was moving all around and looked so cute. Of course, Wayne is hoping to add a boy to the house so he's not so outnumbered. But it would be just as cool to have three girls! We'll keep you all updated! :) My estimated due date is Jan. 5th, 2009 but since I will be having another c-section the baby will most likely be delivered between Christmas and New Year's Eve. :) I'm hoping for a Dec 30th delivery.
  Here is a link to the baby page that you can follow along with us if you'd like. I will update that page every week during the pregnancy. :)
Baby today @ 10 weeks ~ The head is on the left, two little arms and a belly with little feet :)
The ultrasound RN was so nice! She made a picture for Kaili and Alana to have. :)
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