Pinecone Bird Feeders...
  Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Kaili had her first soccer game of the new season this past Sunday. She's on the green team now! And she's #7. Which she thinks is cool because it's "almost 17" like her (and Daddy's) favorite number! She's playing for the FSL ~ Florida Soccer League ~ again.

After soccer we came home and made pinecone bird feeders on the back porch while Alana colored in her high chair and Wayne worked on some backyard stuff. We've been collecting pinecones from the church field - its covered in pine trees - each day when I pick her up from school to make these. We just tied some twine on each pinecone. Then Kaili & I spread peanut butter all over them and then covered them in bird seed.

I grabbed a bag of bird seed from the store that had some pink and blue seeds in the mix because I thought she might like that. (She's all about the color pink lately). Well the bag had pictures of parrots on it... when I got home she told me that our birds arent going to like these seeds. Ha! I asked her why she thought our birds wouldnt like this kind and she said, with this whole *duh mom* tone: "These seeds are for pineapple birds Mommy! See them on the bag? We don't have pineapple birds in our yard..." She's calling them this because they are tropical birds and she associates pineapples and parrots as both being tropical. But maybe she's right, because none of our birds seem to go near our new bird feeders. At least we haven't spotted any eating from them yet. However, the squirrels LOVE them! They hang upside down and eat from them all day long!!

Putting peanut butter on the pine cone...
Proud of her pine cone! ;)
Squirrel! Here's one hanging down to eat some snacks! We hung up 2 feeders from the big trees along the back fence. We can see them from the kitchen and the dining room. Whenever we notice a squirrel on the feeders we'll yell "squirrrrel!" - if you watch Christmas Vacation as much as we do, you'll know why that's funny. :)
The girls on St. Patty Day morning saying "Cheeeeeeeeeeese" Kaili fell at Elizabeth's softball game over the weekend so that's why her knees are all beat up. Poor girl!
And our hawk! Im not sure if its the same hawk or not, but every year around this time a red shouldered hawk hangs out around our street and likes to sit on our fence or in our trees. Maybe he's sizing up our dogs for a little snack... Ha!!
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