Happy Valentine's Day!!
  Thursday, 14 February 2008
First off! Happy Valentine's Day to everyone! ...And Happy Birthday to Gibson, our white poodle, who was born on this day 6 years ago while Wayne & I were trying to cook steak and crab legs for a romantic dinner at the old house. Ha ha! Angel decided to interupt our dinner plans by having her first litter of puppies that night! He's been driving me crazy with his bark ever since!
Last weekend Wayne & I went to the Bud Shootout at the Daytona International Speedway! The following morning we came back home and after my mom dropped off the girls we went back out to the track. We ended up getting to watch a bunch of drivers qualify for the Daytona 500. It was really fun to sit and watch the cars go by SO fast with the girls. Kaili said they are too loud!
After hanging out at the track for a while we promised Kaili we'd let her play on the beach for a bit. So we took them over to Daytona Beach and let them run around. They LOVED it! Especially Alana. She thought it was SO fun to play in the sand and water. ;)
Angela, me & Kelly before the race!
Mike, Wayne & Chad
We dont know this guy... but his wife took the picture for us and he jumped in. He told us that in 10 yrs from now we'll be trying to remember who the heck he was!!!! ha ha!
Time for the race to start!
Wayne & me in front of the Kenseth trailer!
During the race...
Walking on the track after the race!
The next day at the track with the girls... Kaili with a Budweiser Clydesdale!
Carl Edwards flying by!! I was surprised I caught him in the picture!
Wayne,Kaili & Alana watching cars qualify... (Notice Kaili covering her ears!)
Us at the track... ok, see the guy in yellow. We dont know him either but he thought it was funny to be in our photo. People just like to be in our pictures because we're so cool I guess! hee hee! ;)
And here we are at the beach after the track!
Oh! And yes, we cut Kaili's hair! It became a battle every morning to brush it, so we cut it shorter. It's SO much easier to manage and looks MUCH healthier now!
(Enjoying a Happy Meal after getting her haircut, she was really good at the salon!)
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