Pumpkin Patch!
  Thursday 27, October 2005
    Tuesday night we took Kaili to the local Pumpkin Patch! Hurricane Wilma helped pull in a cold
  front as she passed through the state, so earlier this week we had record low temperatures that
  reached the 40's at night. We took advantage of the faux fall-like weather to put on some
  sweaters and we drove down to look at all of the pumpkins. Or as Kaili says, "pun-kinnnns!"
    She has been obsessed with pumpkins this year. She points them out to us everywhere we go
  now - "Mommy, pun-kinnn! Daddy, look, pun-kinnnn!" So imagine her excitement as she walked
  up to a lot filled with nothing but rows and rows of pumpkins! She loved the really big ones,
  but once she found the table of smaller ones that she could actually pick up, she wanted one of
  those instead!! It's hard to believe that only a year ago we brought her to this same pumpkin
  patch shortly after she took her first steps. Last year she was holding on to the pumpkins to keep
  her balance, this year she was carrying them around like a pro. :) Enjoy!
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