A visit from friends...
  Thursday, 24 MARCH 2005

Some of my friends were visiting with their babies last weekend, which was so great!

On Friday we walked around City Walk and ate lunch at Margaritaville. That evening a

bunch of us went out to dinner at Chili's. Then Satruday afternoon we got together at our

house for a BBQ with all the husbands & babies. After dinner the husbands took care of the

babies so we (the girls) could hang out. We played some rounds of Texas Hold 'Em and ate

  some cheesecake with beer & wine. Definitely a great evening! I wish they ALL lived here so
we could do it more often!

L-R: Rebecca, Alex, Kaili & Drew (Universal City Walk)

Same babies, different angle! ;)
Kaili and her buddy, Drew!
Playing the piano with Joanna
Girlfriends: Kelly, Mo, Amy, Tiffany, Michelle & Caryn
Another shot: Kelly, Mo, Amy, Tiffany, Michelle & Caryn
With the babies (L-R): Caryn & Joanna, Amy & Rebecca, Mo & Alex, Michelle & Kaili,
Tiffany & Drew, Kelly & Ashlyn (and angel the dog).
And of course, the dads. We couldn't let them get away without a photo too!
L-R: Mark & Drew, Mike & Ashlyn, John & Rebecca, Carlos & Alex, Wayne & Kaili,
Mike & Joanna
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